88-98 gm truck chassis

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88-98 stock floor body drop chassis 2.5 inch drop price list


Single cab base

        cut and weld rear rails $4500

        mandrel rear section add $850


extra cab base

        cut and weld rear rails $5000

        mandrel rear section add $850

        inner rails add $400

        inner mandrel rails add $500


Base frame is stock front clip with dropped horns, outside rails 2x4 .188 wall steel, body mounts, front bed mounts, rear cross member.


Control arms add $750

Transmission cross member add $300 (included with inner rails on ex cab)

Built in steel tig welded air tank add $200

Rear wishbone kit add $650

Rear diff narrowed to customer spec and metal finished $800

Rear bag and shock mounts, hang differential - labor $1000

Fuel cell $600

Single cab 2 piece driveline upgrade $500

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